Valu Shred will eliminate your security concerns - our recycling process is done with the utmost care and total control to put your worries at ease.

24-hour surveillance

Our entire facility (both interior and perimeter) is monitored 24hrs a day on CCTV. We utilize a state-of-the-art Chubb Security access control system. The system consists of a series of magnetic locking doors and cages. Our magnetic swipe card system allows us to both log and monitor access to secure areas. An additional layer of security is our live, monitored intrusion alarm system.

Remote witnessing

All of our clients are able to utilize our remote viewing option. Valu Shred will provide you with a password that will allow access to our live shredding camera. This feature benefit will provide that extra level of confidence that your material has been shredded to your exact specifications.

100% confidentiality

In accordance with our shredding process, we carry out total destruction of product identity, while simultaneously protecting the patents, design, trade marks and data as per the clients’ specifications. We guarantee 100% confidentiality.

Total equipment destruction

All equipment received for destruction is processed through our in house shredder. Processed materials are rendered useless and virtually unrecognizable.

Employee background checks

All of Valu Shred's employees have undergone detailed background and criminal screenings.

Job documentation

Our entire recycling process from delivery to completion is fully documented and available to our clients. Our system is fully traceable and certificates of destruction and/ or recycling for audit accountability.

Recycling of materials

Once the shredding process is completed the shredded material is prepped and packaged for further reclamation in accordance with our Certificate of Approval from the Ministry of Environment.

Secure logistics

Valu Shred utilizes real-time tracking to secure our supply chain.

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