Programs for clients

Valu Shred provides "end of life" equipment collection, together with on site processing and recycling programs specifically tailored to your needs.

Onsite destruction

Let Valu Shred come to your facility to provide media destruction services. Our expert technicians will come to your facility, decommission your servers, and destroy your sensitive media ONSITE. Upon completion a fully auditable Certificate of Destruction will be issued.

Onsite disk erasure

  • Ensures all data on data bearing devices is rendered inaccessible, allowing the device to be reused or remarketed.
  • Uses data erasure software that complies with NIST 800-88R1 and other common data sanitization standards.
  • Can be executed on HDDs and SSDs in loose form, in laptops/desktops, servers, and storage systems
  • Certificate of Sanitization issued for each drive erased.

Electrical decommissioning

Valu Shred has qualified electricians to assist in taking server-rooms offline. Our staff will provide a one stop full service solution. We start from electrical decommissioning, to hardware removal, secure destruction of your data to a certified recycling solution for all hardware.


Valu Shred will arrange for a quick and easy solution for your home office recycling needs. We will arrange for a shipping solution to properly recycle any IT equipment from your home office.

Manufacturers, distributors

  • Environmentally responsible programs that will protect your brand!
  • Secure destruction via serial number tracking if required.


  • Integration with rebate and return/recycle programs.
  • Establish return centres and depots for consumers.


  • Community collection and recycle initiatives for landfill diversion.
  • Integration with special waste collection environmental days and events.
  • Support for landfill ban policies and programs.

Landfill Ban

  • Environmentally responsible with 100% diversion from landfill.


Let us tailor-make a program for you! Contact us for additional information.

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