Our process

Valu Shred is your partner in making sure all of your electronics have a proper "end of life" home. Our unique on-site recycling and processing system involves the dismantling, sorting and reducing hardware into it's component parts. Once the hardware has been dismantled and sorted, it is prepped for subsequent recovery.


All material is received either as loose items or packaged on skids. All material is offloaded into our warehouse where it is identified, sorted and prepped for processing. Hardware is disassembled into its component parts, packaged with other like materials and readied for the next step in the recycling process.


Valu Shred's onsite shredder is on the cutting edge of the data destruction industry. Our shredder eliminates any possibility of your sensitive/personal information being compromised. The shredder can handle a wide variety of media storage devices, ranging from hard drives to floppies to flash drives. As well, the shredder can be used to destroy patent protected material, such as circuit boards as well as discontinued or promotional products. Once processed, product is shredded into small pieces and is virtually unrecognizable. Additionally, our shredder is utilized in order to maximize potential material recovery in our ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


Ferrous material is separated magnetically from non-ferrous materials, i.e. aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, plastic etc. allowing for recovery and recycling of the "end of life" product. All raw materials (scrap electronic equipment) are processed, reduced and separated, in preparation for the next recycling process.

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