Who is Valu Shred?
We are a Canadian company with a new and unique approach in the electronics recycling and data destruction industry. As industry leaders, our customer's needs are our number one priority. To fulfill these needs, Valu Shred 100% guarantees that all electronics hardware and software is processed to the exact specifications of our clients.

How do we do this?
We have on site, the latest technology and equipment to process your electronic hardware and software under our complete control and to your exact specifications

How will you know what has happened?
We eliminate the possibility of your product returning to the re-sale market, and provide process destruction reports and certificates to verify how and when the product was processed.

Please browse through our Website for information on how our programs and Recycled Products can not only benefit your company but also our environment.

At Valu Shred, we build economically viable recycling programs for our clients. With a combined 30 years experience in the recycling industry, Valu Shred will ensure you receive the program that is right for your company. We pride ourselves on being the only "true electronics recycling program" based on "no landfill" and with a "100% guarantee" of product processing.

Valu Shred is an authorized recycler, with a Provisional Certificate of Approval issued by the Ministry of the Environment.

Waste Disposal Site Number 1035-8BGK9R


Valu Shred is a member of the Association of Municipal Recycling Coordinators; We are registered with H.W.I.N. (Hazardous Waste Information Network).


Valu Shred is a member of NAID Canada, Proper destruction of sensitive multi media devices is essential for the security and privacy of your customers and employees. Our Confidential data destruction can keep your business compliant and your employees and customers safe from identity theft.